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As a Birthday/Father’s Day gift for your loved ones, this limited stock 180° Wide LED Headlamp will be perfect!

Ready for Your New Adventures? This new LED Headlamp offers you 180° of bright continuous illumination and totally hand-free!


* Two Rows of High-Efficiency LED lights light up your surroundings with 350 Lumens like nothing you’ve ever used before.

* Full Peripheral Illumination allows you to work hands-free without needing to strain your neck.

* Runs on Built-in batteries, Easy to charge (charger included) this ensures you will have hours of full peripheral illumination without having to buy batteries all the time!

* Lightweight Design Without a heavy spotlight like traditional headlamps, Our headlamp distributes the weight evenly around your head and doesn’t bob around when you move.


Package Dimensions: 4.76in(12cm) x 4.33in(11cm) x 2.09in(5.3cm).

Weight: 2.72 Ounces(100 Grams).

Batteries: USB rechargeable.

Brightness: 350 Lumens.

Material: Nylon.

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