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The highest-rated resistance bands in the world, delivering up to 450lbs (205kg) of resistance when stacked, this 5 or 7 or 9-band set builds muscle, tones, and sculpts your body unlike anything else. Extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any workout with up to 81 different resistance levels, these resistance bands have been scientifically proven to be three times more effective as well as safer than traditional weights.

With a secure door anchor, ankle straps, handles, and bench-press bar, it makes workouts super easy and convenient whether you’re at home, hotel room, or in the gym. Add our set for further versatility. 

✅Scientifically proven THREE TIMES FASTER muscle gains than regular weight training.

✅Safer than traditional free-weight

✅Anchor the bands to any solid object, door, pole, tree, or stand-on.

✅Compatible with all workout styles, including calisthenics, HIIT, and Crossfit

✅Push harder with our add-on bands, bench-press bar, and tricep rope.

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