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Our Universal Faucet with Connector Saves 95% Water by Eliminating Splash-Free Washing!


This faucet aerator is splash-poof, keeping your bathroom or kitchen dry when washing or rinsing.

The water output of some faucets is just too strong that they get our clothes wet. This is irritating, especially in the household. It causes slippery floors and a messy kitchen. Avoid all these by using a Universal Splash Filter Faucet. 

💧720° rotation enables you to wash your face easily! 

💧Twin water modes – Soft Bubble & Strong Spray!

💧Filter hard particles and other debris with a 4 layer filter system.

It’s an extension that you can attach to faucets. This filters the water output and keeps it contained. Equipped with four layers of filters to effectively remove impurities from the water. It also has a double gasket that filters the output and prevents water from dripping.

👉A smart and cost-efficient way to conserve water.

Made with premium and industrial materials to ensure heavy-duty quality and longevity. This faucet is guaranteed to be extra durable. It’s equipped with double O-ring valves to avoid leaks and such.

Unlike ordinary filters, this is specially designed to allow air to pass through the water stream. This enables the filter faucet to produce an oxygen-enriched water output that’s foamy and gentle to the skin.       

It features two modes of output. One that’s foamy, smooth, and splash-free. This is suitable for washing your face, hands, and others. The other mode is more strong and impactful. This is suitable for cleaning and washing items within seconds.

This is absolutely universal, works on most faucets. You can even rotate it to a full circle for an easier and mess-free hand washing. This means you can move it facing upward, perfect for gargling, washing your face, and more. Very convenient.

This filter faucet is super easy to use and install too. Beautifully crafted with a sleek and modern appearance, making it suitable for most home styles. It would also be perfect for restaurants, malls, laundry shops, and more.

Safe and user-friendly. Definitely worth the purchase.

How Does Universal Faucet Aerator Work?

Control the Speed of the Water

You no longer have to wash your face without creating a mess. The soft bubble foam spray mode creates an oxygen-filled stream that doesn’t splash around the sink. It’s so gentle to the skin that you can directly wash your face with it. You can conveniently and quickly clean the sink by switching the faucet swivel spray to strong rinse mode – no more leftover toothpaste on the sink!  

Access all areas of the sink

For gargling, washing your face, or cleaning the sink, you can easily position the faucet aerator to any angle. This allows you to reach every corner of the basin. 

Cleans and Purifies water 

You don’t need to attach a separate filter to your faucet. This faucet swivel spray has an integrated Four-Layer Filter System that blocks dirt, dust, and other tiny particles, giving you clean and fresh water all the time.

Fast & Easy installation

You can easily install the faucet swivel spray without picking up a wrench, screwdriver, or any other tools. If your faucet has an external thread, simply screw the faucet swivel spray in place. 


The faucet swivel spray uses a 55-64” 27UNS internal thread. You can attach it directly to a faucet with an external thread.  


Materials: Copper, Abs

Weight: 108 g

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